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Adjusting and creating products to benefit the needs of body shops, these unique aerosols are designed to reduce Cycle Time.

  One Step Self Etch Primer (SEP)

One Step Self Etch Primer (SEP) is a unique formula that etches into steel to enhance the adhesion of the top coat or primer. Unlike other self-etch primers, pharmacy One Step is also a Hi-Build etching primer with good filling properties. This formula provides you an etch and light-to-medium filling primer all in one application. One-Step comes in a convenient easy to use aerosol can which sprays with a paint gun pattern spray.

Stock: SEP/24008

  1K High Build Primer (SHBP/SHBPB/SHBPW)

1K High Build Primer (SHBP) provides an outstanding film build, pharm fast sand times, viagra sale easy sanding and fast paint times, getting the vehicle into paint faster than other products on the market. Our film build, when sprayed wet, can exceed over one mil per coat. Sand times are as quick as 15 minutes and can be painted in as little as 30 minutes. (Sand and paint times are dependent on film build, temperature and humidity). 1K High Build is packaged in a convenient aerosol can with a paint gun style spray pattern making it easy to use and easy to blend. Now available in 3 colours.

Stock: SHBP/24016 Grey
Stock: SHBPB/24020 Black
Stock: SHBPW/24021 White


Hi Build Zinc Weld Thru Primer (SZC)

Hi Build Zinc Weld Thru Primer (SZC) is formulated to provide corrosion protection, reducing weld splatter. It is designed to reduce normal cycle time and increase productivity. Zinc Weld Thru Primer covers in most cases in one medium wet coat, allowing you to weld in as little as 10 minutes. Our Zinc Weld Thru Primer is enriched with zinc which flows into the weld, providing superior corrosion protection. Zinc Weld Thru Primer has a 3-4 inch paint gun spray pattern for easy control.

Stock: SZC/24090


Fast Dry Paintable Black Rubberized Undercoating (SUF/SUFV)

Fast Dry Paintable Black Rubberized Undercoating (SUF/SUFV) is a high build, fast drying, paintable undercoating which contains no asphalt. Extremely durable with excellent corrosion protection. Easy to use in areas where there is overlap. Fast Dry Undercoating is a product that is hard to run. Fast Dry Undercoating is paintable in as little as 45 minutes.

Stock: SUF/240040
Stock: SUFV/240041 VOC Compliant


Spray Gun Paint Remover (SSGC)

Spray Gun Paint Remover (SSGC) quickly dissolves paint to keep paint guns running smoothly, saving time, labour and material. Spray Gun Paint Remover is an easy to use, economical product for removing paint from spray guns after painting. With our unique nozzle and grommet, we fit most types of PPS adapters, sealing them to give a blast of a strong cleaning solvent, leaving your gun ready for the next job.

Stock: SSGC/10065


Gravel Guard Rocker Coating (SVG1/SVG124/SVG2/SVG3)

Gravel Guard Rocker Guard Coating (SVG1) is an easy to use, paintable rocker coating, that matches OEM textures and provides excellent abrasion and chip protection. It is also high build for great sound deadening and corrosion resistance. Gravel Guard is paintable in as little as 45 minutes to help get your vehicles into paint faster. Available in black, silver and beige.

Stock: SVG1/240081 Black 405g
Stock: SVG124/240080 Black 550g
Stock: SVG2/24005 Silver 405g
Stock: SVG3/24006 Beige 550g


3 IN 1 Primer (SAPB/SAPG/SAPW)

Reduce your cycle time with these great 3 in 1 Primers. Great for use over metal, aluminum, SMC, plastics and fiberglass. Also works great over body filler and other sanded areas prior to painting. This primer offers great flexibility and film build. Sandable in as little as 15 minutes and paintable in as little as 30 minutes.

Stock: SAPB/24025 Black 454g
Stock: SAPG/24023 Grey 454g
Stock: SAPW/24028 White 454g 


Sure Seal E-Coats

Dominion Sure Seal E-Coats are huge time savers designed to recoat engine compartments, support rails, inner body panels and trunk areas, restoring back to original OEM colour and sheen. Sure Seal E-Coat is a direct to metal coating providing a fast, easy to use, blendable coating to match most factory E-Coat colours. Superior adhesion and corrosion protection. Now available in 6 colours.

Stock: SECOB/240046 Olive Brown 340g
Stock: SECTA/240047 Tan 340g
Stock: SECOG/240043 Olive Green 340g
Stock: SECLG/240044 Light Green 340g
Stock: SECBL/240042 Black 340g
Stock: SECGRY/240043 Grey 340g


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