BCG4 Crystal Clear Anti Stone Can I reduce this product?

Reduction is not necessary. Even though this is a high solids product and normally sprays with a moderate amount of texture, this texture will flow out producing a smoth high gloss finish. Reducing 5% is permissible using a high quality urethane grade reducer.

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Hippo Liner – Various questions

Dear Sir I need some tech info on HIPPO, more than on your tech sheet. I need film build per coat and maximum Answer: —- 10 -15 mils. If a second coat is needed allow all the solvents to flash but do NOT allow the coating to set and apply a second coat. If additional coats

Hippo and Colour Your Hippo Solvent Popping etc

1) Why do l get solvent pop when I roll Color Your Hippo? A) Usually what you are seeing is not actually solvent pop. What you are seeing is air bubbles that have popped. This is caused by working the material to much with the roller. In other words rolling air into the material. The air

Gator Guard & Hippo: Getting different textures

With either Gator Guard or Hippo Liner you can achieve different textures by the following: Spraying: Schutz Style Gun (“BUPA”) – Smother – If you apply a wet or heavy coat – the product will flow out more compared to a light to medium coat. Be careful not to apply to much. A wet or heavy coat