With either Gator Guard or Hippo Liner you can achieve different textures by the following: Spraying: Schutz Style Gun ("BUPA") - Smother - If you apply a wet or heavy coat - the product will flow out more compared to a light to medium coat. Be careful not to apply to much. A wet or heavy coat is applied with the gun closer and with the the air pressure between 40-50 psi. A wet coat should not exceed 15 mls. If you use high pressure over 65psi and apply a wet coat a slightly different type of texture will be created. You should test to see which type you prefer. - Texture - Apply either Gator Guard or Hippo Liner in a medium coat. Spray to cover. The coarseness of texture is achieved by your gun distance and air pressure. A good air pressure is between 50-55 psi. If any streaking is evident upon completion of first coat, Apply a light high pressure cross coat to the bed of the truck. This high pressure cross coat will create a finer texture on the bed liner and eliminate any streaking. - Smother - If you add 5% Sure Solv to Gator Guard or 5% High Quality Fast Urethane Grade reducer to Hippo Liner this will slightly thin the products and you can achieve a smoother texture. Do not use anything slower than Fast Urethane Reducer in Hippo Liner. With the addition of the solvent both products will flow out better providing a smoother texture. - Smother - Hippo Liner sprayed out of a gravity feed primer gun. By using a gravity feed primer gun Hippo Liner will be atomized finer and lay out flatter than using a Schutz gun. Caution: Hippo has a short pot life. Use and clean gun immediately before the product sets in the gun. Pot life is 30 minutes at 75 degrees with less than 40% humidity. Warmer temperature or higher humidity will shorten the pot life. Mixing both quarts of material at once will shorten pot life too (1/2 gallon). Caution: If you try to spray Gator Guard out of a primer gun - the silica sand has a tendency to plug the tip. Due to the tip usually plugging up I do not recommend this. Rolling:
  • Texture - If you roll either Hippo Liner or Gator Guard with the roller sold with Hippo Liner or sold by Dominion Sure Seal you will get texture. The roller is designed to provide texture. Caution: Using the Roller sold by us with Gator Guard, the roller may deteriorate from the solvents in the product. Caution: When using the Roller sold with Hippo liner or any other roller with Hippo Liner, mix up only enough product that you can use within a 15-20 minute time period at 75 degrees and less than 40% humidity. Hippo Liner will start to thicken after that time period and continuing to try to roll the product can cause the roller to start to deteriorate. The product will thicken and have "drag" while rolling. This "drag" will start to pull the roller apart. If this happens you will need a new roller to finish the job. Higher temperatures or higher humidity will shorten your work time.
  • Smother finish - go to a hardware store and purchase a short nap (1/4" or less) roller that is solvent resistant and can be used with both epoxies or urethanes. Apply the product by rolling the product. Avoid additional rolling of the product. If the product starts to thicken and you continue to roll the product you can start to get a fine texture from the roller pulling the product. See the Cautions listed above for rolling times.
Recoating: Hippo Liner
  • If an additional coat of Hippo Liner is needed you need to wait until the last trace of solvents have evaporated and before the product sets. This is approx. 2 1/2 to 3 hours at 75 degrees with less than 40% humidity. You need to recoat during that time window. If you allow the product to come out of its soft stage you can have intercoat adhesion problems. If the temperature is higher or the humidity is higher the recoat time will be shorter. If you do not recoat the product right after the "tacky" stage, your second coat may peel. Caution: If unsure about the recoat time, wait for an overnight dry and scuff the surface to remove the gloss (using a red scuff pad), blow the sanding residue off, re-clean with a good quality wax and grease remover, then apply a second coat.
Recoating: Gator Guard
  • Gator Guard can be recoated if necessary. However, thicker is not better with Gator Guard. Recommended film thickness is 10-12 mls. Call your local Dominion Sure Seal Representative or our Corporate Office for details.
  • Both Gator Guard and Hippo liner should not be exposed to water or moisture for a minimum of 24 hours at 75 degrees with less than 40% humidity. If either product is exposed to water or moisture during the initial curing process "blushing" may occur. Blushing will vary depending on the amount of moisture that the products are exposed to.
  • Both Gator Guard and Hippo Liner can be accelerated by the use of heat.
  • For Dry to the touch, drive away, light duty and full cure see Technical Specifications listed below.
Technical Specifications: Specification below are at 75 degrees F. with less than 40% Humidity. Recommended film build is 10-12 mls.
  • Gator Guard Hippo Liner
  • Mixing by hand 8-10 min. 2-3 min.
  • Do not put in Shaker Do not put in Shaker
  • Induction time after mixing: 10 min. Not Recommended
  • Pot Life: 45-60 min. 30 min.
  • (1/2 gallon mixed) (1 quart mixed)
  • Dry to the touch >4 hours 3-4 hours
  • Drive away 7 hours 4 hours
  • Light Duty 24 hours 24 hours
  • Regular Use 48 hours 72 hours
  • Do not expose to water 24 hours min. 24 hours min.

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