1) Why do l get solvent pop when I roll Color Your Hippo? A) Usually what you are seeing is not actually solvent pop. What you are seeing is air bubbles that have popped. This is caused by working the material to much with the roller. In other words rolling air into the material. The air bubbles get trapped into the material and as the product starts to cure they float to the surface and the top pops open looking like small and large solvent pops. Suggestion - Do not keep rolling the material. Apply the bed liner with the roller by only rolling over the surface once or twice before the material tacks. If the texture is not what you desire or you do not have complete coverage, you should allow the product to set and apply a second coat. When rolling, two coats is better than one to achieve even coverage and texture. If you apply a second coat please review instructions prior to applying a second coat. 2) My roller deteriorates before I can finish my first kit. Why ? A) What is causing this is the material that has been mixed up has started to set or thicken. As the material sets it generates heat. By continuing to roll as the material is setting and getting hot causes the roller to be pulled apart and deteriorate. You should mix up only enough material that can be rolled within the products work life or pot life. Times are as follows: 1 quart of mixed material has a work time of 30 minutes @ 75 degrees F. with less than 50% humidity. An increase in temperature or humility will dramatically shorten working times. Example 1 mixed quart at 100 degrees F. will have a work time of less than 15 minutes. If you mix up both quarts of material your work time listed above will be shortened by approx. 50%. Example - 2 mixed quarts at 75 degrees will give you a work time of approx. 15 to 20 minutes. 3) Can I tint Color Your Hippo with a universal tint from a hardware store? A) These tints may be compatible but have never been tested. We only recommend single stage automotive paint tints because of the quality of UV resistance and the known properties and performance provided by the automotive grade of tints. If any other tints are used other than what is recommended, we are not responsible for the performance or the results. 4) Con I tint Color Your Hippo today and use it tomorrow? A) Yes. You can add up to 3 ounces of single stage automotive tint to the part B can only. Do not add the part A to the tinted part B until you are ready to use the product. If you add the part A to the part B and do not use the material within it's pot life it will set up in the can. WARNING: Since part A is the catalyst, if you add the tint to this part the tint will gel or set in the can and not be able to be used and mixed with part B.

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