Dear Sir I need some tech info on HIPPO, more than on your tech sheet. I need film build per coat and maximum Answer: ---- 10 -15 mils. If a second coat is needed allow all the solvents to flash but do NOT allow the coating to set and apply a second coat. If additional coats are need allow to dry. Sand and apply the additional coat. Do not apply more that 2 coats without allowing the bedliner to dry overnight. Question:Which solvents it resists and which ones it doesn't Answer: most solvents for short periods. Long term exposure to solvents can cause the material to swell and start to breakdown. Solvent resistance: MEK - Passes 100 Rubs MINERAL SPIRITS - Passes 100 Rubs XYLOL - Passes 100 Rubs LACQUER THINNER - Passes 100 Rubs ACETONE - Passes 100 Rubs GASOLINE - Passes solvent spot test OIL - Passes solvent spot test METHYLENE CHLORIDE - Passes solvent spot test Question temperature resistance Answer: Max. 180 - 190 degrees. Product will soften if exposed to excessive heat for a long period of time. These temps. are for short intervals of under 1 hour. Normal maximum temperature range is up to 140-150 degrees F. Question: UV resistance Answer: Good. After 168 hours of accelerated weathering in accordance with SAE J1960 HIPPO showed very little to no change in gloss. After 239.5 hours panels still maintained a high gloss. NB Original gloss can change depending on application conditions. High humidity or water in the air lines can produce a loss in gloss during application. UV RESISTANCE - PASS Question:impact ratings Outstanding, Gravel Ometer:(SAE J400), SMC - Passes Sheet Metal - Passes

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