Crystal Anti chip

Crystal Clear 2K Chip Guard (BCG4)

Complete video on YOUTUBE just go to YOUTUBE and type in Crystal Clear 2K Chip Guard
This product can be buffed. Complete promotional DVD available at NO CHARGE.
Yes a Crystal Clear 2K Anti Stone Chip that works at last, The latest in the line of quality clearcoats offered by the Dominion Sure Seal Group. BCG4 is a high solids quality clearcoat that protects OEM and aftermarket finishes from rocks, gravel and other road debris. Especially suited for front bumpers and leading edges that are subjected to flying rocks and other road debris; but works well wherever any clearcoat finish is used.
Excellent UV Protection: Passed rigorous UV testing by the Xenon weatherometer.
Kit contains 16 oz part A & 16 oz part B.

BCG4 – 101004 (quart kit)
BCG4G – 101007 (gallon kit)