DOM 16

DOM16 Quarts and Pints (DOM16CP)

Highest quality rust protective coating in existence. A superb, hard as a rock rust preventative coating that is suitable for all ferrous (porous) and other metals along with other substrates.
When Dom 16 is applied over the rusted surface it penetrates and kills off the rust until it reaches the surface below. The metal dehydrates allowing DOM16 to harden and nothing can penetrate it.

DOM16CP 10041 Clear / Transparente 6 pints / pintes
DOM16CQ 10040 Clear / Transparente 6 quarts
DOM16GP 10053 Grey / Gris 6 pints / pintes
DOM16GQ 10052 Grey / Gris 6 quarts
DOM16P 10048 Black / Noir 6 pints / pintes
DOM16Q 10049 Black / Noir 6 quarts