Ultra European High Solids Low Voc Clear Coat

LOW VOC Space Age European High Solids Clear (EU121F)

EUP121 kit is a Low VOC 5 litre kit with a choice of low, medium or fast 2.5 litre hardeners.
This 2.1 Low VOC clearcoat is formulated to produce a finish that either equals or is better than ANYTHING on the market.
Easy to buff.
41% Solids (volume)
VOC Content (pckgd) 2.1/gal (252 g/l)
Mix Ratio 2:1 by volume
Reduction OPTIONAL: Up to 5% by volume
Pot Life 2 hours @ 75°F and 50% RH
Coverage 640 ft2/gal @ 1 mil
Shelf Life 1 year (unopened)
This is as good as it gets
EU121F (Fast) 2124 2.5L
EU121M (Med) 2122 2.5L
EU121S (Slow) 2125 2.5L