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Premium Approved Sure Seal Seam & Joint Sealers (CSC)

Dominion Sure Seal Sealants are one part, low cost high performance Hi Solid sealants. The cured sealant exhibits very good physical properties including excellent adhesion to a variety surfaces including painted and non painted metal, rubber, glass, wood, concrete. Dominion Sure Seal Sealers are also non staining. They possesses rubber-like characteristics and can be compressed or extended. Used for all sealing and adhesive applications. Dominion Sure Seal Sealers are of a non sag consistency for application with a standard caulking gun in vertical and horizontal joints.


CSC (Clear / Transparent) 9001 300 ml 30
CSW (White / Blanc) 9002 300 ml 30
CSB  (Black / Noir) 9003 300 ml 30
CSG (Gray / Gris) 9004 300 ml 30